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Redefine Laser Spa, a new start-up in beautiful Gilbert, AZ, is a premiere inch-loss and body sculpting spa using the non-invasive Strawberry Laser by LiLa that delivers results the first visit!

Along with our world-class body sculpting, we also offer professional waxing, facials, and massage therapy leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and redefined.

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Spa Services

Body Contouring

Say goodbye to extra inches with the Strawberry Laser. Convenient, Fast, No Downtime, No Pain!

What we offer
  • Stomach
  • Arms
  • Legs
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Body Waxing

Experience superior body waxing using only top quality and natural products.

What we offer
  • Eyebrows
  • Brazilian
  • Legs
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Our professional estheticians are experts at quick, friendly, and thorough treatments.

What we offer
  • Redefine's Original
  • Mystiq Elite
  • Acne Essential
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Laser Body Contouring

Say goodbye to extra inches! The FDA Approved, Strawberry Laser is the most effective laser of its kind that is available in the US today. Using non-invasive technology (no needles, no surgery, no pain) the laser effectively reduces the fat cells in the area to which it is applied, showing immediate results in 10-20 minutes.

Convenient, Fast, No Downtime, No Pain! This harmless technique uses the laser to penetrate the fat cells, creating pores. The contents of the fat cells are then released into the lymphatic system where they can be eliminated from the body. All of this is done in under 20 minutes, no needles, no down time, and no pain.

Clearly the most effective choice, FDA Approved! There are other techniques out there and we encourage you to do all the research that you can. The Strawberry Laser is FDA approved and you can find that study here. The FDA study shows that the average effect on the “iliac crest” or waist line was 3.7 inches lost after 8 treatments. This laser has twice the results of other techniques and measurable results immediately after your first treatment.

Individual Treatments

  • 1st Laser Treatment $99 $150
  • Each Additional Treatment $99 $250
*up to 8 treatments

Package Treatments

  • 6 Laser Treatments $1,290
  • 8 Laser Treatments $1,560
  • 10 Laser Treatments $1,750

Frequently asked questions about our Strawberry Laser

The treatment is broken up into 2 segments, the Strawberry Laser treatment and the vibration machine. The Strawberry Laser treatment is approximately 20-25 minutes, including taking measurements and the Strawberry Laser treatment itself. The vibration machine is not a requirement but highly recommended and available at no extra charge. The purpose of the vibration machine is for lymphatic stimulation and this takes an additional 10 minutes.
There is no pain from the Class 3B Cold Strawberry Laser. The Strawberry Laser is labeled as a “cold” Strawberry Laser, but it does get warm when in use against your skin. It is common to feel a warmth while the Strawberry Laser is in use, but absolutely no pain should be felt during the entire process.
There are usually no side effects but in some cases you might experience: temporary red skin from where the Strawberry Laser was placed which will fade within 2 hours, light diarrhea from the lymphatic system processing the waste products produced by the Strawberry Laser breaking down the fat cells. It is important to note that a very high percentage of people who receive treatments do not experience any side effects.
The information devoted to the Strawberry Laser and how the technology works is available HERE. A short description: The Strawberry Laser makes the fat cells pores, which allows the fatty acid, water, and glycerol to escape into the interstitial fluid. The lymphatic system then flushes this waste out of your body naturally.
This varies per client and what areas they are wanting to address. 6 to 10 treatments are generally recommended for maximum results, however, great results can be seen in just one treatment.
Measurements are taken before the Strawberry Laser treatment and immediately after the Strawberry Laser treatment, where you will already see results. For example, it is very common to see 1 inch or more removed from your waistline with just one treatment. Stimulating the lymphatic system, drinking lots of water, exercising, or lymphatic massage can further improve on these results over the next 1-2 days.
Yes the effects from the Strawberry Laser are permanent. The fat cells that are “deflated” of the fatty acid, water, and glycerol will be flushed out of your body through the lymphatic system. Once they are flushed out, they are permanently removed from your body. Your lymphatic system does need help flushing everything out by drinking lots of water and light exercise. Lymphatic massage can also be a great benefit to enhance your results. However, without proper nutrition or exercise, your body can regain these inches.
Yes. We have a medical questionnaire that needs to be filled out before anyone is able to receive a Strawberry Laser treatment.
Use of this Strawberry Laser is not recommended for people with the following conditions:
  • Epilepsy
  • Herpes simplex
  • Liver or kidney disorder
  • Compromised immune system
  • Disease of the lymphatic system
  • Cancer (active or within 1 year of remission)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Known photosensitivity to sun exposure or taking drugs that cause photosensitivity
  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Under 18 years of age (possible with gardian consent)

If any of these apply to you, please consult a Strawberry Laser technician if you are still eligible for treatment.
1 full day between Strawberry Laser treatments is needed.
Yes. Women’s breasts are not able to be treated. Men, however, can be treated for this area.
Yes. This is a Class 3B “Cold” Strawberry Laser that is FDA approved for “inch-loss”. Please go to this link to see the FDA study. This technology is safe as long as a trained technician is using it.

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Waxing Services

  • Lip $10
  • Eyebrows $20
  • Chin $10
  • Ears $10
  • Nose $10
  • Face $45
  • Neck $10
  • Shoulders $20
  • Under Arm $18
  • Half Arms $30
  • Full Arms $35
  • Upper Chest $25
  • Stomach Strip $13
  • Stomach $13
Waxing Services

  • Upper Back $30
  • Mid or Lower Back $20
  • Full Back $60
  • Brazilian (the full monty!) $50
  • Bikini Full $35
  • Bikini Line $28
  • Full Legs $70
  • Half Legs $35
  • Feet $10
  • Chest Strip $12
  • Sideburns $10
  • Butt Strip $12
  • Cheeks $10
  • Hands $10

Superior Body Waxing

Here at Redefine Laser Spa we take body waxing very seriously. We only use top quality, natural, never recycled wax in every treatment. Our professional waxers are experts at quick, friendly, and thorough treatments.Make an appointment!

Frequently asked questions about our body waxing

Yes! Stop the use of: Retin A, Accutane, exfoliants or chemicals 1-2 weeks prior to wax.
Never! Each stick and strip needed will be discarded and not to be used again.
Not at Redefine Laser Spa. All our waxing specialists are licensed (as required by the State of Arizona) and have experience.
About every 3-4 weeks, or long enough for a wax specialist to be able to grab all of your hair with wax. As a general rule, hair should be between 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. You shouldn't wait much more than six weeks between waxing, as the waxing procedure is more painful on longer hair. On the other hand, if you don’t wait long enough, we won’t be able to grab the desired amount of hair to give you a smooth, clean wax. If we determine that your hair is too short, we will suggest that you wait a bit longer before waxing.
You should avoid waxing if you have recently been exposed to the sun (naturally or in the tanning salon), will be exposed to the sun in the near future, have just exercised (including swimming) or if you are taking any medication that increases skin sensitivity. Your body temperature should be as close to normal as possible.
A little hydrocortisone cream can help sooth itching or irritation. Also, PFB Vanish serum is very helpful in avoiding ingrown hair.
Between waxes you should exfoliate 2-3 times a week, especially if you are prone to in-grown hairs. Also, PFB Vanish serum is very helpful in avoiding ingrown hair.
Absolutely, we offer complimentary test patches. Try our waxes. We have both a soft and a hard wax.
We allow 1 parental guardian to accompany their underage son or daughter in the waxing rooms. All others, including small children, must wait in the reception area.
Yes, as long as you are wearing a tampon, however, it can be more painful.
An eyebrow cleaning removes hair from above, below, and between the eyebrows, but doesn’t alter the shape of your natural brow. An eyebrow shaping changes the shape of your brow to compliment the shape of your face; an eyebrow shaping typically requires putting some degree of an arch in the brow.
Yes! we offer everything on the menu except male bikini/ Brazilian.

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Experience our new Facials

Redefine’s Original
Sea fennel culture, mastiha, and colloidal silver & gold, help to hydrate, brighten and repair to refresh your skin.

Mystiq Elite
Tomato extract, vitamin C, and orange extract are used to fight free radicals, brighten, and reduce inflammation to renew your skin.

Acne Essential
Peppermint extract, aloe vera, and Swiss apple plant help fight bacteria, calm & heal the skin to help rebuild your skin.

Lira Lux
Cinnamon stimulates circulation while magnesium stimulates collagen synthesis, and macadamia oil helps smooth and hydrate. Rejuvenate your skin!

Facial Services

  • Redefine’s Original $75
  • Mystiq Elite $80
  • Acne Essential $80
  • Lira Lux $80

Are you ready to start your free consultation?

Our friendly and professional staff are ready to help

Our Testimonials

  • I have been getting waxes for years I really enjoyed my experience at Redefine Laser Spa. The front office staff was friendly and knowledgeable. My esthetician Annamarie was kind, friendly, respectful and a gave me one of the best waxes I have ever received. The wax that was used was simply the best wax I have had used on me. My regrowth is much slower and ingrown hairs are minimal if at all. I am truly impressed!

    Staci Q | Wax Customer
  • I am new to waxing and heard that it is painful but I wanted to try it out. I went to Redefine Laser Spa and was pleasantly surprised. The esthetician was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. The process was very quick and less painful then expected. I will be continuing my waxing with Redefine and want to try their other services including massage and inch loss laser. Very happy Redefine is in Gilbert.

    Jes W | Wax Customer
  • This laser treatment is amazing. At the end of my first treatment I had lost just over 3 inches in my torso.

    SL | Strawberry Laser Customer
  • I discovered Redefine Laser Spa and come for their amazing waxing from their experienced staff. I also received a massage and it was very relaxing and peaceful. The staff is always smiling and helpful to every customer. Try this place out you won't be disappointed!

    Sarah R | Wax Customer
  • I am very happy to have found Redefine Laser Spa. The staff is very friendly and made me feel at home. I have my Brazilian done so feeling comfortable is important to me. The wax was great and got every hair from the root so my hair grew back slower and thinner than normal. I would suggest Redefine Laser Spa to anyone looking for an amazing wax experience in half the time of where I waxed before.

    Mary | Wax Customer

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The Strawberry Laser is truly amazing!


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